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Marzo 7, 2021
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To all friends of BALLINGMANIA a welcome and a good reading of this, which introduces newbies to the method in a clear and simple way. Any doubts can be clarified with questions to the staff, by opening special posts within our Facebook group "the marine aquarium of BallingMania". Some details of the method are left out to avoid confusion. The Balling method is a proven system to reintegrate and maintain stable the values of the "Triad" consumed in the reef marine aquarium, an alternative but not absolutely lower yield than the use of the Calcium Reactor.
Therefore presenting itself as a method:
° easy to understand
° easy to run
° constant in the release of the elements
° which does not alter the PH (contrary to the reactor in some cases

Two necessary premises to better understand the rest of this guide.
1) You will find the name TRIADE several times, which specifically is the set of the three main elements (KH - Calcium - Magnesium) with which you will have to become familiar when analyzing the water.
2) What are defined as "solutions", are actually ready-made KH - Calcium - Magnesium liquids that almost all companies in the sector now produce, more or less in concentrated form.

For the Balling method you need the following tools:
1. Test for Calcium (CA) and Magnesium (MG), as well as a test for Carbon Hardness (KH), to be monitored weekly, especially in the early stages.
2. A Refractometer for measuring density or salinity.
3. Three tanks, suitable for containing foodstuffs, for the preparation of the solutions.
4. Dosing Pumps also called Dosometric (in this case this is not a necessary condition, but they greatly facilitate the work by dosing the three elements autonomously).

Before proceeding with the preparation of the relative solutions, it is necessary to check the parameters of the tank by means of the tests mentioned above, and specifically it is recommended to maintain the following values:
KH in a range between 6 and 8 points dH ° (German degrees)
Calcium in a range between 400 and 450 mg / lt
Magnesium in a range between 1270 and 1330 mg / lt

Once the Triad has been stabilized using special buffers or powder solutions specific for these situations, the solutions are prepared, which it is recommended to dose at different times in order to prevent and avoid possible reactions and precipitations. As anticipated above, the amount of solution that compensates for the daily consumption of the tank is verified by testing, which is normally carried out on a regular basis from 3 to 7 days, but only for the first period which is usually between 15 and 30 days . After this period of testing and once the tank is stabilized, the checks will be less frequent, many types of corals in the tank will help us understand if there is any dysfunction. In any case, it is not possible to do without a parameter check for relatively long periods. Once the quantity consumed has been established, through simple calculations we can understand the actual needs of the tank and regulate on which days to dose the elements. Alternatively, to simplify the process, it is advisable to use dosometric pumps which, once calibrated, will simplify the task and, for us, it will only remain to fill the tanks before they are empty.
The method also provides for regular water changes of 10% every 15 days, or for the more diligent a 5% weekly.

With the Balling method, and specifically for those who will use Dosometric Pumps, it is possible to mix the trace elements that the tank will absorb to the KH - Calcium - Magnesium solutions. Also in this case, almost all the companies that produce products for Balling, have in their price lists mixed bottles of Macro and Micro elements useful for corals. Once you have become familiar with the tub, it will be easy to understand the quantity of Oligo to add. The above is a simple guide to introduce you to the system, which apparently seems complicated for a novice, but which in reality by becoming familiar with the Tests and the elements in question will be easy to manage. In any case, for those who want to learn more and for those who are good at trying their hand at "Do it yourself", there is a specific and very well done guide that explains how to prepare the solutions for the Triad and the Oligoelements, using pharmaceutical products. The guide in question is very detailed and meticulous in dosages, which will surely help the most experienced. The author of this excellent work is Salvatore Riccardo, director of the Ballingmania group, who will be happy to help you in case of any doubts.

The Ballingmania Staff

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