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GUIDE TO THE BALLING METHOD (Insights for experts)

With the Balling method, chloride and sodium ions are added in addition to calcium and bicarbonate ions, if this is not consumed, it slowly accumulates in the aquarium. The consequences are the ionic shift and the increased salt content. To prevent this from happening, it is possible to use a sodium chloride-free sea salt which is recommended to be dosed in the same quantities as the CA and KH solutions. The method also includes regular water changes of 10% (I recommend every 10 days).


I SOLUTION (KH make-up):
Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) 84 g / l of solution

II SOLUTION (CA make-up):
Calcium chloride dihydrate (CaCl2) 74 g / l of solution

III SOLUTION (to prevent ionic imbalance):
salt free of NACL 25 g / l of solution

IV SOLUTION (replenishment mg):
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate (mgcl2) 35 g / l of solution.

Personally, in addition to the classic solutions listed above, I prepare solutions that I also dose daily at minimum doses of potassium, boron, strontium:

STRONTIUM SOLUTION: strontium chloride hexahydrate 100 g / l of solution (in 450 liters I dose 1 ml per day of maintenance).

BORON SOLUTION: bring the KH of the solution to 30 (to avoid precipitation) sodium tetraborate decahydrate 10 g / l of solution (in 450 liters I dose 3 ml daily maintenance).

POTASSIUM SOLUTION: bring the KH of the solution to 30, potassium chloride 150 g / l of solution, potassium hydroxide 3 g / l of solution (in this case I dose 1 ml per day of maintenance).

The dosages listed above are those I use in my tank, very low but constant dosages over time, which can be modified by the aquarist according to needs and at his own risk (I recommend without exaggerating). Regarding the preparation of the solutions similarly to how it is done with water changes, a container (a bucket is fine) is used, one or more movement pumps and a heater set at 25 degrees, I recommend that the solutions be decanted for a couple of hours, after which they can be used.

Please Note:
This guide has been written to be a support and indication for all passionate aquarists who want to try their hand at the method, it is the result of personal experience gained over the years of use, some of these salts are dangerous and require special precautions so I invite you to pay maximum attention and caution. Since these indications are the result of personal experiences made on my tank, I do not take any responsibility.

author: Salvatore Riccardo

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